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The Meet Getting Google Chrome Tab Presentations, Layout Updates


The Meet Getting Google Chrome Tab Presentations, Layout Updates, To Low-Light Mode, & More

Now The Google Meet, the video conferencing service by Google is getting a major feature upgrade. Company says it wants to make sure people have the much-request features of amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It is adding the top request features to Google Meet. These new features include AI enhanced to the low-light mode, tab-focused presentation mode, & noise cancellation. The Google also announced that it is expanding the is tiled layout for larger calls.These Google Meet upgrades are now rolling out globally.


The Google is expanding the titled layout on the Meet’s Web client to allow all the users to see up to 16 participants simultaneously. In the Previously, the tiled layout allowed users to see only four people at a time. These company also indicated that this layout may soon be upgraded to allow more participants to join the video meeting.


1Future Update Coming


Many More updates are coming for the larger meetings, better presentation layouts, & support across more devices,The Google said in a blog post. It is unclear whether the layout-update will be rolled out on the app version of Meet.In a separate post, Google shared the Meet automatically creates a layout when participants join a group meeting. Whenever users can switch layouts by tapping on the three vertical dots at the lower-right corner of the Meet screen. The users need to select Change layout and then select any one layout option.

2Google Artifical Technology


The Google is also using its AI technology to enhance the video & audio quality on Meet. The company in the blog post added that its AI will automatically adjust the video to make users more visible to the other participants in sub-optimal lighting conditions.In (Low-light mode) is currently being rolled out to mobile users, & it will be available to Web users in the future.To limit interruptions during a video meeting, Meet can now also “filter out background distractions, through AI noise cancellation feature. These feature will be rolled out “in the coming weeks to G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education customers starting with Web users and later to mobile users,” Google said.


The Google Meet is also looking at ways to make presentations during a group meeting easier and neater. In the Users can now “present a Chrome tab” directly instead of having to show the entire window or the screen. This feature is particularly useful while sharing a video or an audio file during a meeting. The Google stated that the “present a Chrome tab” feature is being rolled out today. It is unclear whether it will be rolled out on the app or the Web client of Meet.


3Latest Update Google

The latest updates in Google will aim to give tough competition to apps such as Zoom Cloud Meetings that has gained massive popularity amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Many countries have announced nationwide lockdowns, due to the which employees around the world are using video conferencing apps to ensure social distancing.


In the Last week, Google vice president Javier Soltero said that Google Meet was adding nearly 2 million new users per day and had more than 100 million education users across 150 countries. Interestingly, Soltero had indicated that Google Meet will be adding the aforementioned features soon.


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