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Amazon Launch Pay Later Service Launched in India


Amazon Launch Pay Later Service Launched in India With Aim to Provide Instant Credit To Users

Now The Amazon has launched a credit service called Amazon Pay Later for its customers in India. These service is a rebrand of Amazon Pay EMI these US e-commerce giant launched in the country back in September 2018. Somewhere there are additional benefits such as the ability to get instant credit on (almost) any of the products listed on the online marketplace and access credit even for groceries and utility bills. These Amazon Pay Later service also offers the option to repay in a subsequent month at no additional fees or convert large ticket transactions into monthly instalments for up to 12 months.


4Amazone Pay Later Service


These Amazon Pay Later service, Amazon is aim to enhance the purchasing power of Indian customers & let them easily extend their budgets while its shopping online. It allows customers to purchase any of the listed products on the marketplace with the option to pay the amount in a subsequent month. customers can alternatively opt for easy EMI options for up to 12 months. There is an interest rate of between one and a half to two percent a month, though Amazon also has various products with no-cost EMI options that effectively bring interest-free benefits. They providing credit on the products available on the marketplace, Amazon Pay Later can be used for paying monthly bills of utilities such as electricity or water or even for mobile bills and recharges. The Customers can also use the service to purchase their groceries or other essential items on credit during the lockdown. As the mentioned, Amazon Pay Later can be used for almost any product on Amazon, with some exceptions – these are cash equivalent products, such as jewellery, Amazon Pay Gift Card, Amazon Pay balance top-up, products from Amazon Global Store or out of country or overseas merchants, or bullion (gold and silver).


3Amazon Pay EMI Service


Amazon Pay EMI, you could only use it for instalments for buying big ticket purchases said Vikas Bansal, Director — Financing and Lending, Amazon Pay, in an interview with some news . its what we’ve done now is we’ve upgraded that to Amazon Pay Later, where customers can either use it for their small ticket purchases, for payment experience or convenience, or continue to use this for the large ticket purchases and pay in instalments.” Amazon had brought its Amazon Pay EMI service in 2018 for customers checking out products worth more than Rs. 8,000. It was, whenever, later expanded to a minimum transaction value of Rs. 3,000.

2These Customer feedback brought its creation


The Amazon Pay EMI was launched as Amazon’s answer to Flipkart Finance EMI and other EMI solutions available in the market at that time. someever its the Seattle-based company has taken a step further with Amazon Pay Later. They takes on the competition that majorly has Flipkart Pay Later with the ability to receive an instant credit of up to Rs. 5,000 at zero additional cost for up to 40 days as well as LazyPay that allows repayments across over 250 websites and apps with settlement of payments once in 15 days and a credit limit of up to Rs. 1,00,000.


1Credit can be given for orders as low as Re. 1


Its Purchases through Amazon Pay Later can be as small as Re. 1 or go up to Rs. 60,000, which is the initial credit limit of the service. whenever, Mayank Jain, Leader Consumer Credit Products, Amazon Pay India, told some blog that the Rs. 60,000 limit is based on the regulations provided by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), and it’s not exactly the limit imposed by the company.


The Amazon are continued its partnership with digital lender Capital Float, who was the lending partner for Amazon Pay EMI earlier. This Additionally in the company has brought the Karur Vysya Bank (KVB) on board to fulfil customers’ credit requirements.


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